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Coldwell Banker Schmitt Recognizes Agents’ Years of Service for June 2019 Main Photo

Coldwell Banker Schmitt Recognizes Agents’ Years of Service for June 2019

Posted: July 29, 2019 by Stephen Mizner

Florida Keys – July 2, 2019 –During June 2019, several Coldwell Banker Schmitt Real Estate Company (CBSREC) sales associates achieved milestone service anniversaries.           



Years of Service

Kitty Whalton

Middle Keys


Joe Talamas

Key Largo


Charlotte Porter



Patti Nickless

Lower Keys


Beata Sharpe

Lower Keys


Capt. Jim Sharpe, Jr.

Lower Keys


Stephen Mizner

Marathon Admin


Diane Corliss

Lower Keys


Halley Haack

Lower Keys


Kelley Haack

Lower Keys



Brian Schmitt, president and broker, noted, “We’re proud that such accomplished professionals choose to represent Coldwell Banker Schmitt and Florida Keys Vacation Rentals Inc. to our customers and prospective customers. It’s remarkable that together, they average 17 years with us.  They’ve made significant contributions to our market-leading success.”

Founded in 1955, Coldwell Banker Schmitt is the oldest and largest real estate company in the Florida Keys with offices conveniently located in each of the five major Keys market areas. It has been the Keys-wide leader in listings and sales since 2005 and boasts a 98+ percent rating of customer satisfaction. For additional information, visit Coldwell Banker Schmitt’s website at, or email, or call any of its five locations in the Florida Keys. To learn more about professional opportunities and why Coldwell Banker Schmitt agents and staff average more than nine years of service with the company, visit the Careers center.

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